Webstep Racing Team

Sponsorship branding.

Marty Cochrane is a software engineer and Irish Superbike racer. Led to Norway by his girlfriend, he now works as a developer at Statkraft. In 2014, he aims to reach the top of the Norwegian Superbike series. Webstep liked the idea and decided to sponsor him.

Having already developed Webstep's visual identity, this was the perfect starting point for Webstep Racing Team. By adding an R to the W-logo, we created a bold racing symbol with an unmistakable Webstep link.

Together with the vivid orange, it attracts attention and publicity both on Marty’s modified Honda CBR1000RR Superbike and his VW Transporter.

Webstep Racing Team

You’ve captured plenty of Webstep’s identity, speed and power in this design. Thumbs Up!

... from the client. Arnt Roger Aasen
  • Marty’s signature adds a unique and personal touch to the brand.

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