History illustrated

Belships Annual Report 2010.

In line with recent years, King Design has produced a series of illustrations for the 2010 Belships Annual Report. Our proposal was to visualize Belships’ unique and exceptional legacy.

Founded by Christen Smith in 1918, Belships has been experiencing both good times and hard times. The crises in the 1930’s resulted in the company going public and the establishment under the name Belships.

During the difficult war years, the Belships fleet, with its unique heavy lifting specialty, played a significant role in transporting material for the allied forces. The 50’s were a golden decade for company, but there was rougher water ahead, and the need for re-organization was urgent. In 1972, Belships left the heavy-lift segment to fully concentrate on the dry bulk and tanker markets to become the Belships we know today.

History illustrated
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