Talk about inspiration

Interview in Kampanje 7/2011.

In the December 2011 issue of Norwegian Kampanje (Campaign) magazine, Michael King is asked to talk about inspiration.


1. Name a product or magazine that has a design that has inspired you.

2. Why?

3. What do you do when you need professional input and design inspiration?

4. Which magazine can’t you go past at the magazine kiosk without buying?

Talk about inspiration

Michael’s answers:

1. Communication Arts Magazine (CA).

I have subscribed since I started my own business in 1991. Even before that, all the design firms I worked at each had their own huge collection of CA.

2. CA is the largest international trade journal for visual communications.

Published since 1959, the magazine profiles much of the best in graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration and interactive media. CA has always been true to its tight and minimalist layout, ensuring that the designers, their works and highlighted cases receive maximum and deserved attention. I can’t stand magazines where content gets lost in the layout artist’s desire for self-expression.

3. Move beyond the comfort zone

In addition to CA and other journals, I get professional input each time a customer shows me confidence and I have to move beyond the comfort zone to learn something I didn’t know before.

The experience of solving design challenges gives an incredible sense of achievement and thus a lot of energy.

There are also lots of impressions all around us and I often get a refill on the dance floor, in nature or on a trip to Vegas. I participate in workshops, seminars and exhibitions in Norway, Europe and the US and the people you meet at these events justifies the journey.

4. NO MAD. The City Guide for the Creative Community.

Night Life in Tel Aviv, Opportunities in Miami, "Design, Architecture Art and Fashion" in Barcelona + 24 pages that take the temperature on “Swiss Design”. This magazine is new in Norway and is very expensive, but the content and the style suits me perfectly!
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