Belships Annual Report

Interactive financial reporting.

Belships is a provider of dry bulk tonnage to highly reputable customers.The company also have activities within product tank and ship management.

About this project

King Design has developed Belships' annual report since 1995, and with a consistent design we've build a strong identity for the company. An important issue working with the interactive report, was to refine this expression and make it easy for the client to build future reports.

With a illustrative background we made it possible to change the visual expression without changing the overall lay-out. This allows us to give future reports a distinctive new look within the same basic frame.

Intuitive navigation and customized note-menus makes the content easy accessible to the users, and we've spent a lot of time ensuring the readability and presentation of the tables which after all is the core of the report.

The content is managed in the same dashboard as, and this makes it easy to cross-reference to content from the website and print, download and share functions are well integrated.

The report is developed together with Maksimer and is running on the WordPress platform, an open source content management system (CMS).

Belships Annual Report

Good readability and presentation of the tables.

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