Audimagasinet #1 2015

Cars & lifestyle.

Stylish and distinctive design. We’re talking about the new Audi R8 sports car, but could just as well have been refering to the latest issue of the Audi Magazine.

With careful attention to detail and a dynamic use of colour, typography and images, King Design has brought the Norwegian Audi Magazine to life for more than 18 years.

Having said that, a sustainable magazine with a track record, is of course the result of a collaborative effort between editor, writer, photographer, designer and printer. Teamwork.

Audi magazine’s large format, design and print quality continues to reflect the brand’s personality and high standards.

Audimagasinet #1 2015

The latest issue involved a complete re-design and even more pages with lovely content.


    Auditorium: Room for Audi news.

  • King-size Audi type: An eye-catching surprise.

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