Your annual report online. Quickly and at a fraction of the regular cost.

  • We’ve made it simple

    These days, legislation allows Norwegian companies to publish financial results and annual reports digitally, thereby saving time and money on printing and distribution. King Design has developed a template based CMS for annual reports aimed at small and medium sized businessess that now recognize the value of online publishing.

  • A comprehensive service

    King Design works closely with PR specialists with extensive experience in corporate and financial communications. We have over 20 years of experience in producing annual reports. Together, we can offer a complete service including consulting, concept and text development, design, technical implementation and project management.

  • Built on WordPress.

    An awesome Open-Source web publishing software (CMS). Quick and cost effecient.

  • The concept in a nutshell: On-screen annual reports.

    Ideal for small and medium sized companies that need to communicate efficiently on a limited budget.

  • Benefits

    Availability and easy distribution
    Environmentally friendly
    Reach new and larger audiences
    Closely linked to your website
    Cost effeciant (printing, distribution, reuse of templates, etc.)

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    Belships Annual Report 2012

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