By working together we create unique and relevant solutions based on dialogue, creativity and knowledge.


Our approach ensures an effective process and essential involvement in all phases.

  • Our 4-phase design method

    King Design has substantial experience from both complex and smaller projects, and we understand that buying design services can be exciting, but also challenging.

    Therefore, in order to ensure an effective process and successful result, we follow our 4-phase method for design development. Each phase allowing for an essential client involvement.

    Good design is a vital strategic tool for success.

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  • learn.

    One of the joys of designing is that it gives us the opportunity to learn about many products and services. And over the years, we’ve certainly learned a lot. This often enables us to quickly grasp the essense. However, we want you to have the best solution possible, and in order to acheive this, we first need to identify and define your specific requirements. We need to analyze the competition, pinpoint your unique selling point and find out were you want to go. Together we create a strategic roadmap – the design brief!

  • create.

    Once the objectives have been defined and understood, we can unleashe our creativity! We develop a variaty of ideas and concepts and value client feedback at key stages during the process before directing our efforts on a preferred concept.

  • integrate.

    The design concept is now ready to be integrated on relevant touchpoints like web, print, presentations, environments, vehicles and signage. We provide careful guidance throughout the process ensuring that all intensions are fulfilled according to expectation.

  • engage.

    Did we reach our goals and has the brief been responded to adequately? Engagement and feedback along with ongoing design management and maintenance are essential in securing the value of your design investment.

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